Management Growth Forum

California 2011

Two Management Growth Forums in California. Both a wonderful experience. It was great to have time to work again with those who attended the Leadership Growth Forum last year, supporting them as they developed their coaching skills so that they could then work as observer coaches with this year’s delegates. And facilitating the two MGF events where such great learning happened, in such a wonderful environment, was just amazing.

 During my experience as a coach at the California MGF/LGF event I learned a great deal about my own personal coaching style and how I can adjust my communication based on my DISC profile. I felt that Jenny’s approach was instrumental in my own understanding of my abilities and allowed me to breakthrough some of my own barriers, allowing me to become a more effective coach. This experience has also made my relationships with my colleagues much stronger and I now have a global network of experience and friendships to draw from. Thank you Jenny.

Randy Gehres, CTP

Learning & Development Manager

Travelex Global Business Payments, A Western Union Company

I can honestly say (and believe me this is not fluffy you know what’s) last week has been the most beneficial learning experience that I have had since learning how to drive.  By learning to drive I have been able to undertake whatever journey I wanted.  Following the MGF I am excited to get behind the wheel and undertake another journey unrestricted by boundaries. Thank you so much to all of you.

Howard Young

Regional Sales Manager

Travelex Global Business Payments, A Western Union Company