The Choose You™ project is not about changing you, but is about supporting you to know yourself better and accept yourself just as you are so that you can choose how you use who you are.

As well as being a message in its own right, the letters of the words Choose You™ help us remember the purpose of the project and the tools it offers to help us achieve that purpose. We have already explored what the You stands for (Yourself, Openness, Understanding: blog dated 06 01 15) so now let’s explore what’s behind the word Choose.

The Choose reminds us of the tools that help us achieve the You. These are:

Control. That you are responsible for you and so can, if you choose to, take control. Not everything in your life happens because you choose it to, but whatever happens you have a choice about how you deal with it and so can stay in control. You control how much you know about yourself, how open you want to be with yourself and others, how much understanding you want to have. When you have choice you have control.

Hope. That it is never too late. That there is always more to be done. That you can make a difference. That being more true to yourself , being more open and having more understanding is always possible. The opportunity to navigate from this point onwards, to grow and to learn and to make different choices is real and doable.

Opportunity. That your life is full of the opportunity to practice, try new stuff and make the choices that you want to make. It is not just about those life changing choices that you have from time to time, but is about the choices that you make every day.

Objectivity. That sometimes you just need to see what is actually happening, right now, and work with that, rather than with the beliefs that you have carried around for a very long time. Then you can really see yourself, and grow your openness and understanding.

Simplicity. That it doesn’t have to be complicated. Focusing on yourself, being open and looking for understanding, whilst they may be hard to do at times, are simple things. Not changing but choosing uses what you already have by knowing more about it. You don’t need to try and be something you are not: no need to bolt on new stuff, just understand and work with what you already have.

Energy. It takes energy to focus on yourself, to be more open, to grow your understanding. But not as much energy as it takes to live a life that has no sense of choice within it, that is not aligned or that requires you to maintain a veneer that means that the real, authentic you is not allowed just to be itself. So choosing You moves the energy to the place where you can be yourself, be responsible for yourself and know that you have a choice.

There are great ideas to support us with these tools: ideas from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis and the work of Will Schutz. I look forward to sharing more with you next time.

Thank you for reading this blog.