The Choose You™ project is not about changing you, but is about supporting you to know yourself better and accept yourself just as you are so that you can choose how you use who you are, choose the best bits of yourself to fit any situation that you face. It is built upon a belief that personal development is not about changing yourself, but is about getting to know yourself and learning to love what you know because when that happens you are in control and have choices.

As well as being a message in its own right, the letters of the words Choose You™ help us remember the purpose of the project and the tools it offers to help us achieve it.

The You represents:

Yourself. At the heart of this model sits the opportunity it provides to have some time for yourself, and to notice the impact that you have on your ability to be yourself in the world around you. We are often so busy being the things that others expect of us, the mother, father, team member, boss, breadwinner or whatever it is, that we can lose sight of what sits at the middle of all that, us! This is an opportunity for you to take time to think about yourself.

Openness. The model encourages you to be open firstly with yourself, and then when you are ready and if you choose to, with others. Many of us spend so much time behind a veneer of what we think others expect us to be, or what we expect ourselves to be, that we use all our energy maintaining that veneer when it could be so much better used just being open and getting on with whatever our reality is. So the second purpose is to encourage and develop your choices around openness.

Understanding. The model is about supporting you as you grow your understanding of yourself. You will know yourself better and be better placed to use what you know to take control of yourself and your life. Knowledge is power. If you know about something then you have a choice about what you do about it. The final purpose then is to support you as you gain that understanding.

Without doing anything else it can be enormously insightful and empowering to explore You: the time you choose to devote to developing You, how Open you choose to be with yourself and others and how much you Understand yourself and what makes you tick?

What will you choose to do with You from now on?

A future blog will describe the tools that help explore You,  represented by the letters in the word Choose.

Thank you for reading this blog. I look forward to sharing more with you next time.