Coaching and Supervision Update

I’ve been coaching for over 20 years now, and I still find it a very rewarding part of what I do.

Of all the development activity that individuals or organisations invest in perhaps the most high impact and effective is coaching. With a few hours of coaching the performance and well being of individuals and teams can be significantly improved.

And I am very pleased and proud to now be qualified to supervise coaches, helping them to be at their best to support their clients. It wasn’t an easy qualification to get, but having a European, Supervision Quality Award to add to my accreditation as a Master Executive Coach feels good.

My supervision business is starting to build, but I would love to work with more coaches, whether working internally within their organisation or as an independent.

And I am always very happy to work with anyone who thinks that coaching would be useful to them.

For a little more information on what I do as a coach and a supervisor, please have a look at the tab under “What we do”.