Another horrible week.

Listening to Radio 4’s Today Programme on Thursday I heard Jill Curnick (apologies if I’ve got the spelling wrong but I haven’t been able to find it written anywhere), a former resident of the Grenfell Tower, respond with great poise and compassion to the question “How does a community deal with this?”:

There’s love and there’s anger…I think we have a choice as to which side we are going to go with, and the anger only arises because of the love, and my hope is that we stay connected with our love for one another…

In the darkest moments there is always someone with a light: the note from the fire fighter on the flowers left at the scene (picture in The Telegraph: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters), the support of the community to help those caught up in this and other events, the fact that this is the weekend where thousands are coming together to celebrate community a year on from the murder of Jo Cox.

I am thankful for it all: thankful to all those who choose love over anger.