We live in a world where choice is all around us, even down to which bank we place our money with or who we buy our energy from. And yet for so many of us we have no sense of choice about the most important thing of all, who we are. Life, circumstance, work, our belief systems have worn it away. Society has for years been encouraging us to change who we are: plastic surgery, self-help books, the fashion industry, celebrity culture, peer group pressure. But changing is not the answer. To be happy and successful we don’t need to bolt on new bits. Instead we need to make the best of what we already have and build our future from where we already are.

Choose You™ is a model that is not about changing you, but is about supporting you to know yourself better and accept yourself just as you are so that you can choose how you use who you are, choose the best bits of yourself to fit any situation that you face. It is built upon a belief that personal development is not about changing yourself, but is about getting to know yourself and learning to love what you know because when that happens you are in control and have choices.

This blog will share with you ideas from the Choose You™ model and do all that it can to support you as you choose the you that you want to be. It will draw on great ideas such as Will Schutz’s FIRO, Transactional Analysis and NLP, woven through with anecdote and the learning and insight that I have gained from over twenty years working in team and leadership development.

Welcome to the Choose You™ journey