Hello Everyone,

I was listening to Radio 4 this morning (as you know I do!) and heard the following quote attributed, depending where you look, to either Martina Navratilova or Billie Jean King:

The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.

Whoever said it, it started me thinking. I’ve found myself involved in a couple of things recently that I am finding hard to do. I’ve blamed the grim weather or having a cold or being tired for my lack of excitement, but actually I think what’s going on is that, whilst I am involved, I am not committed. I’m donating some time and some energy to them, but not my whole self: I’m the chicken and not the pig!

So I’ve got a choice. As far as I can make out I have three options:

I can carry on just as I am and do those things begrudgingly

I can stop doing those things and spend that time on something I can be committed to

Or I can revisit my motivation and do those things with real commitment

None of these options is right or wrong. They are choices that are within my control. I choose whether I am ham or eggs (picture from greatbritishchefs.com), and even if I choose to carry on as I am, knowing that I am choosing will help me to own it and experience it differently.

So if you’re feeling a bit half hearted, check out whether you are the pig or the chicken, and what you want to do about it!

Hope your weekend is full of things you feel passionate about. Thanks for reading the blog. Great to share Choose You moments with you. I love getting your comments so do continue to share.