Hi Everyone,

Well no one can say politics in the UK is boring at the moment! I thought the political roller coaster created by the Brexit vote was quietening down, but after last night’s election result it seems the thrills and spills are picking up pace again.

It’s added to my conviction that we don’t always know we are through the worst of anything until we are way out the other side. And so it was that, after writing in my last blog (26 05 17) that I was through the worst of my tonsillectomy, it ruptured the next morning and I was back in hospital for more surgery.

Life throws all sorts of things at us, and when we’re in the middle of it it can be very hard to see a way out or to even know that it will end. Often it is only when we look back from some way off can we see where the low point was on that transition curve and where the change for the better began:

With tonsils and politics in mind I am hanging on to the thought that, however it seems at the moment, there will be a point at which it will stop getting worse and start to get better.

We might not recognise it at the time, but we will when we look back. In the meantime we just have to hang on and choose as best we can in the circumstances.

I’m hoping I’m definitely through the worst with my tonsils. As for the politics stuff, I’m not so sure!!

Wishing you a great weekend.