Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)

What it is
Based on the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, MBTI is a fantastic way to explore the apparent contradiction between the uniqueness and sameness of people. The most well researched and widely used psychometric model in business, MBTI is powerful in personal and team development. It looks at a small but important part of personality, providing insight in to how we take in information and make decisions based on it, where we get our energy from and how we like to structure our lives. It helps us to see what we are good at and to understand why other people do it differently. As a result we can learn to value difference and choose approaches which will enable us to be at our most influential and effective when faced with it.

Why We use it
This model is useful one to one with individuals, or with groups;

  • To help groups understand the value of difference and how it enhances a team’s performance
  • To support teams in moving forward and becoming more productive
  • To establish that we are all different and that it is unwise to make assumptions about others
  • To explore different options for moving forward a relationship that has stalled
  • To support managers as they develop a flexible style to meet the needs of their team
  • To support subordinates as they learn the best way to interact with their boss and colleagues to get a positive outcome
  • To develop flexibility in approach so that relationships with clients  are more productive
  • To help people understand their reaction to change and transition and develop strategies to cope
  • To develop coaching skills