Whatever your political standpoint, if you’re like me you might be thinking this morning that it’s a good thing to have someone in charge at last! Since the leave vote on the 23rd June (sorry to those readers not based in the UK but this is a big thing over here) there’s been a prevailing sense of chaos and that no one, not even those who campaigned for the winning outcome, have a plan.

And then those that created the situation all resigned!

At least today we have the hope of someone stepping up and taking charge as Theresa May becomes Prime Minister (picture from bbc.co.uk). Whilst she didn’t support the Brexit campaign, she looks to me like a good pair of hands to help us navigate our way through it all.

Richard McKnight in his book “Victim, Survivor or Navigator?: Choosing a Response to Workplace Change” suggests that when stuff happens to us we have three ways of responding to it, which look like this (if you click on the picture it gets bigger!):


We’re nearly three weeks on from the referendum (yes it has only been that long!) and as far as I can make out those weeks have been full of our political elite doing a lot of Victim and a lot of Survivor. Now at last I am hearing some Navigator. Love her or hate her, Mrs May is looking like someone who can steer us to the other side of article 50.

And thank goodness for that. Not only might the pound recover a bit (so my holiday in France returns to a more reasonable price!) but we may have a chance as a nation of surviving the Brexit experience intact and even perhaps getting to a better place than we were before.

Just like the 14 million Brits who voted remain, we don’t always choose the situations we face. But whatever those situations are, large or small, we have a choice about how we respond to them. The outcome we get will depend on the response we choose. Choosing to be a Navigator has got to be a good thing for each of us. Let’s hope Theresa May can stay in Navigator and it proves to be good for the UK as well.

p.s. I wonder if there is a message here for the Labour Party too? Certainly silos are forming and reputations are being damaged. Let’s hope they can step in to Navigator as well.

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