The Developing Potential Programme

“Today is the future we created yesterday”

I am really pleased to be running this year long programme again for a far sighted and wonderfully led senior care organisation.

Results from the first two DPP groups who graduated in 2017 have been remarkable, with delegates taking the learning, building their self-confidence and making a difference to their client group and their colleagues.

The delegates in this latest cohort have made a tremendous start with embracing and using the content of the modules.

Designed for anyone within the organisation who has demonstrated potential and a willingness to step up and use it, the programme is four 1 day events followed by a ‘graduation’ event 6 months after the 4th day.

The content is designed to support the organisation’s Mission, Identity and Values, and is shaped to the particular needs of the group. For the current cohort it covers the following:

Day 1 Building your confidence in yourself, being braver

Day 2 Building relationships, being influential to get things done through others, communicating effectively

Day 3 Managing well through change, dealing with transition for yourself and for others

Day 4 Moving forward from here, being even braver, coaching colleagues to do the same

Graduation Day Reviewing progress, anchoring learning, planning next steps, celebrating success

Built on the ideas of Will Schutz, (the creator of the FIRO model), and his principles of Truth, Choice and Self-Regard, and my Choose You approach to personal development, (encouraging individuals not to change themselves but instead to understand themselves better so that they can choose to use the skills they have already to better effect), the DPP aims to empower delegates to own their experience, to take it back to their work places and make it work for them.

The real learning is from those in the room. It’s wonderful to be a part of.

The DPP was fab. I learned a lot and will continue to put that learning in to practice…