Training Courses

Whatever your needs, we will design bespoke training that will meet them and achieve the outcomes you require.  We deliver in a supportive, challenging and encouraging style, relevant to your circumstances. We constantly relate issues back to the real world and you will see the success of the training in the results it achieves. For groups of any size Jenny is qualified and experienced in a wide range of subjects, and has a fabulous network of associates qualified in further specialist areas if required.


Just some of the courses we currently run

  • Understanding and managing difference within a team (using Myers Briggs®)
  • Developing team dynamics and effectiveness
  • Developing virtual teams and teams working across global geography and with cultural diversity
  • Developing influencing skills through greater personal awareness (using FIRO® and the work of Will Schutz)
  • Managing difficult relationships (using concepts from Transactional Analysis)
  • Building rapport, developing influence and assertiveness (using ideas from NLP)
  • Coaching skills (please see page on Coaching Services for more details)
  • Leadership development events (please see page on Development Events for more details)
  • Designing and running Assessment Centres
  • Change management/transition
  • Meeting skills/Presentation skills/Communication skills