Jenny Maddox: Founder of Insight-Out Training Consultants

No Nonsense, Jargon Free and Practical

I set up Insight-Out Training Consultants to provide a no-nonsense, jargon free and practical approach to training and personal development. As well as using my own skills I am able to offer clients access to a network of talented training and leadership skills providers so that they can have the best possible solution by making one telephone call.

My experience is as a free thinker who lived for 17 years inside the corporate box. As a consequence I know of the necessity for organisational structure, and I also know that successful organisations have people in them with the confidence and ability to challenge the structure to ensure that it is valid. Having the confidence and ability can be the issue. Many still feel like a junior when they find themselves appointed as a director. The reality is that the job title is irrelevant, it is how you see yourself that counts. And it is training and personal development that makes the difference.