One to One Coaching

One to one performance coaching enables individuals to achieve more at less personal cost. Our in depth working knowledge of a number of development models, as well as our wealth of experience, ensures that we have the flexibility of approach to efficiently and constructively meet everyone’s particular needs.

The person being coached will receive support and challenge as they establish their outcome, consider their current approach and explore their limiting and enabling personal beliefs. They can then examine the choices they currently make and decide what they want to do in the future. They will leave each coaching conversation having created for themselves a clear plan of action that they know they can make happen.

There are a number of coaching approaches to choose from, dependent on your needs:


  1. Specific Issue Coaching, often using a “time limited” approach, commits to making the required progress with a specific issue within a set number of coaching sessions. This model of coaching encourages a “let’s get on and get it sorted” approach.
  2. Personal Development Coaching is a longer-term approach where the individual develops within their role through the exploration of the way they tackle the issues that they face. This is more a “what makes me tick and how can I use that to help me get the job done” approach.
  3. Executive Support Coaching is a longer-term approach where the purpose of coaching is to support leaders and managers, and particularly CEOs, as they make the difficult decisions needed in a role that often means they have no one to share their concerns and anxiety’s with. Please see the page “Executive Support” for more details on this type of coaching

Team Coaching

All of the coaching activity described above can, of course, be delivered directly with teams as well as with individuals. In this way whole team can have their thinking challenged and create for themselves solutions that will move their performance forward as they work together in a coaching conversation.