Development Events

Everything we do is about development, but there are some events we run that we call development events because they specifically provide an environment where individuals can take themselves to their personal boundaries and find out for themselves what they can do when given the opportunity.

These events can be in exotic locations (see News Items for details of some of those!) but they don’t have to be. And they don’t have to be outdoors, they don’t have to be long and they don’t have to be expensive. What they do have to be is well designed and delivered as part of a process rather than as a one off.


A great development event offers people the opportunity to test their abilities, use their talents to the fullest extent and amaze themselves at what they can achieve. To create this kind of environment takes careful planning and management, and we are very proud of the many development events that we have run over the years and the positive impact they have had on those who have taken part.


Good development events are part of a longer process that embeds the learning back in the workplace. They also work at several levels because a good development event requires good observer-coaches to support those attending. In many organisations this means that the coaching skills of other members of the organisation need “brushing up” so that they can effectively take on this role. Working as a coach is a great way to get an amazing development opportunity too. So it’s not just the delegates who get the learning!


Through the process outlined on the next page you get amazing results in terms of individual and team development. You also get amazing organisational results through the bonding and commitment, which is strong enough to unite geographically and culturally diverse teams, that this type of event creates

We’re feeling the benefit every day here in the UK and it’s really bonded us a lot too. It was a bit strange acclimatising again as it was so powerful an experience, but we’ve managed of  course. It’s still very emotional thinking about it all. Genuinely thank you for all you’ve done for us.

Catherine Cullen
Head of Education Solutions
Travelex Global Business Payments