Supervision – what it is and why good coaches have it

What supervision is

Supervision is a simple activity, a conversation where individuals reflect on their coaching in order to learn how to do it better so that they can best serve those they are coaching. It can happen one to one or in small groups and provides a safe space that supports coaches as they develop their ability, resilience and technique.

It also demonstrates due diligence that the coach has concern for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the person being coached.

  • Really good supervision does 6 things by offering challenge, insight and support about
  • The quality and accountability of coaching (Normative)
  • The continual lifelong learning of the coach (Formative)
  • The wellbeing and resilience of the coach (Restorative)
  • The relevance of coaching within its context (Systemic)
  • The theory as it it moves in to action (Transformative)
  • The organising and maintaining of effective coaching administration (Administrative)

What supervision achieves

All the professional coaching bodies recommend that those who coach undertake regular supervision. It is also a requirement of some professional insurance companies. There are some very good reasons for this. Here are my top three:

  1. It looks after the person doing the coaching by providing
    • Support for their welfare and wellbeing
    • Awareness of the risks and help developing strategies to deal with them
    • Support with stressful situations/ethical issues/confidentiality conundrums
    • Encouragement to continue developing their coaching skills/awareness of alternative perspectives
  2. It looks after the person being coached by ensuring that the coaching they are getting
    • Is of good quality
    • Achieves what they need it to
    • Follows ethical guidelines and is a safe and appropriate space for their development
    • Is offered by someone who is also continuing to develop and grow
  3. It looks after the context that the coaching is happening in by ensuring that
    • Coaches are providing safe, ethical and effective coaching with a coherent approach
    • Organisation wide problems/patterns are identified and helpful processes developed
    • Coaching is of good quality and getting results
    • Resources are used effectively
    • Due diligence is demonstrated for those coaching and for those being coached

Why have supervision with me

Because I have worked for many years as an internal coach within John Lewis I know first hand that coaching from within is a tough job. I have also got 14 years’ experience as an external coach with clients in a wide variety of organisations, and so can bring my no-nonsense, jargon free approach to supervision to support external coaches too.

I am an ESQA qualified supervisor who offers support, insight and challenge in a confidential space that can be hard to come by elsewhere.

If you would like to know more about the supervision services available, please get in touch.

Hi Jenny, just to let you know I’ve had a very productive few weeks since our session. Your magic, skill and super supervision works!!

Karen Moyse

Founder, KineticFuture