Not a lot to say this week. Just a short reflection on the profound impact that truthfulness has on our lives, and the consequences created when we are not truthful.

96 people died and 766 were injured on the 15th April 1989, making the Hillsborough football disaster the worst of its kind in the history of English sport. Bad enough you’d think. But what has shocked us all is that it has taken 27 years to expose the truth about how it happened. (Picture from

Making a mistake may not be a choice, but what we do once we have made it is. We can cover our tracks and lie about it, or we can tell the truth.

And as we have seen this week, hiding the truth causes a lot of pain.

Will Schutz encourages us to be 1% more honest, not just with others, but with ourselves too, because:

Not telling the truth is the source of most problems

When we tell the truth, we give ourselves the choice to deal with the consequences and to do all we can to make it right.

Truth is the grand simplifier

The truth can’t bring back the 96, but let’s hope it can bring their relatives some peace.


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